About Tate

Meet Tate Reeves

Tate Reeves is a product of small-town Mississippi and a lifelong Mississippian. A strong conservative, Tate’s leadership in state government has focused on the principles of guarding the taxpayers’ dollars, improving educational opportunity, and growing new careers so that the state’s best and brightest can stay in our state.

Tate is pro-life, and is committed to protecting the rights of the unborn. He is committed to protecting the Second Amendment and will fight Washington liberals who try to take those rights away.

Tate’s business training in the banking sector made him the state’s foremost advocate for balancing the state budget while minimizing state debt. His conservative management helped fill the state’s “rainy day fund” and reduce the overall debt burden. Tate’s upbringing in Florence’s public schools made him driven to reform the education system to increase opportunity.

A father of three and husband to another small-town Mississippian, the former Elee Williams of Tylertown, Tate Reeves is dedicated to creating a future Mississippi in which all our children can thrive and stay at home to raise their children.

2016 – Passes Largest Tax Cut in State History.

A commitment to long-term growth that creates better careers led Tate Reeves to propose the largest tax cut in state history through the Taxpayer Pay Raise Act, which lowered the personal income tax and allowed more Mississippi employers to invest in jobs and better compete in the global marketplace.

Just as President Trump’s tax cuts are boosting the national economy, Mississippi is seeing record low unemployment and strong economic growth since Reeves’ plan was signed into law.