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Spend less. Borrow Less. Tax less. Promises kept.

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“Four years ago I ran for Lt. Governor promising to spend less, borrow less and tax less. I’ve kept my promises while leading your state senate. I humbly ask for your support once again in 2015. We must continue the progress we’ve made to improve our quality of life in Mississippi. It’s a privilege to serve you, and Elee and I are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement we’ve received in every corner of our state. Thank you.”

Tate Reeves


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Neshoba County Fair Speech

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2016 Legislative Session Report

2016 Neshoba County Fair Speech

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

2nd Amendment


“Government doesn’t create jobs. Rather, government must create an environment where private sector small businesses and entrepreneurs are free to thrive and create new jobs. We’ve improved our business climate in Mississippi through streamlined regulations, lower taxes, and education reforms, including increased funding, that will pay dividends in an improved workforce.”

Tate Reeves


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 24355
Jackson, MS 39225

(601) 968-8000

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