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Conservative leadership is growing Mississippi’s economy, Lt. Gov. Reeves says

January 3, 2019

JACKSON – Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves formally entered the 2019 gubernatorial race today, committing to be a governor dedicated to growing the careers of the future while guarding the Mississippi values that never change.

“I believe in the great potential of our state and of our people,” said Reeves, who was joined by his wife Elee and their three daughters at state Republican Party headquarters. “We are growing a strong economy that will provide good-paying careers for the next generation. Mississippi needs conservative leaders who will stand with President Trump and work to strengthen our state.”

Reeves plans to kickoff a border-to-border retail campaign across the state after the legislative session ends in the spring. “I am going to finish the job voters elected me to do as lieutenant governor – guarding the taxpayers’ dollars and implementing strong conservative policy,” Reeves said.

As lieutenant governor, Reeves pushed for a smart balanced budget, lower taxes and better educational options for all. He has been the strongest voice in the capitol against unnecessary spending and debt and for education reform. He is committed to making Mississippi the safest place for unborn children and protecting Mississippians’ Second Amendment Rights.

“I am proud of my record as a conservative fighter,” Reeves said. “I pushed successfully for economic policies that encourage job creation and get more investment in classrooms and I have protected the Constitutional freedoms that are important to all Mississippians.”

“Our way of life is second to none. We have to defend it against liberals in Washington and Hollywood and we have to create the business climate and skilled workforce that will enable our kids and their kids to stay here and make Mississippi’s future even brighter.”


Tate Reeves is a product of small-town Mississippi and a lifelong Mississippian. A strong conservative, Tate’s leadership in state government has focused on the principles of guarding the taxpayers’ dollars, improving educational opportunity, and growing new careers so that the state’s best and brightest can stay in our state.

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