Teacher Pay Plan

GOAL #1 – Raise Miss. teacher starting salaries to regional average in 2 years

Get to Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) starting salary average within 2 years. (Current: $35,890)

Get to Southeastern average salary in 4 years. (Current: $47,074)

The average teacher salary of our surrounding states is approx. $4,200 more than Mississippi’s. Every $500 increase is $26M from the general fund; this would be about $52m/year for 4 years. $224M total

  • YEAR 1 – $1,500
  • YEAR 2 – $1,000
  • YEAR 3 – $1,000
  • YEAR 4 – $800

GOAL #2 – Recruit new teachers to critical shortage areas

  • $10,000 bonus for new teachers to target critical shortage areas in certain subjects and geographic locations (STEM, Miss. Delta, etc.).

GOAL #3 – Pay Mississippi National Board teachers the highest supplement in the nation and become the #1 per capita ranked state for National Board Certified Teachers

  • Increase supplement from $6,000 to $10,000
  • Pay teachers to successfully complete components of the certification. Work with NBCT to create an endowment that would prevent teachers from having to pay upfront costs.
  • Promote NBCT certification more aggressively within the teaching community to ensure that all teachers know of the opportunities and incentives that come with certification.

GOAL #4 – Increase pay & innovation at higher education institutions

  • Raise professor pay across the board at community colleges
  • Incentivize professors to teach at local high schools in critical subject areas.
  • Reward IHL institutions for producing high quality School of Education graduates who teach in Mississippi.

GOAL #5 – Double investment in Teacher Supply Funds again

  • Increase teacher supply funds from $12M to $24M.

GOAL #6 – Increase investment in Early Learning Collaboratives

  • Significantly increase our investment in Early Learning Collaboratives to ensure early learning and preschool access for as many Mississippians as possible.

GOAL #7 – Create Teacher Advisory Council

  • Advise the Governor by June 2020 on laws needed to be changed regarding testing, discipline, & home rule.