We’ve made great progress on education in Mississippi. We’ve won results on workforce training, teacher pay raises, record school funding, and scholarships for future teachers—just to name a few things. The most important item: we focused on outcomes, not inputs. We’re no longer just measuring success by how many dollars we put into the system, but by how many kids get a quality education. And it has made all the difference. In national assessments, our kids are outpacing the nation when it comes to gains in math and reading. They are ready to compete with anyone for jobs and further education.

Of course, there’s more to do. We need to fix the broken bureaucracy that is holding kids back. We need to do more to make sure that when Mississippi kids graduate from high school they’re ready and able to find a Mississippi job or get a Mississippi college education. When I went to public school in my small Mississippi town, I learned real skills that got me ready for life. That’s missing in too many places these days. We also need to look after our most vulnerable students. I support the program that gives children with disabilities access to the education they need to thrive. I’ll protect them. It’s the right thing to do.

As governor, we’ll keep working on our schools so that our students are equipped to start lives, careers, and families here in our state.

Taxpayer Watchdog

When I first ran for office, I promised to be a watchdog for the taxpayers. I promised to slash wasteful spending and look after every single dollar that you pay in taxes. We’ve done just that. We’ve cut taxes for every single taxpayer in the state. Teachers and truckers, farmers and families. Everybody who paid taxes before our tax cuts now pays less. We even cut taxes on Christmas Trees. (Merry Christmas!)

Guess what happened. Revenue went up! More business came to Mississippi. More people have jobs, and more money in their pockets to spend in Mississippi businesses. We’ve been able to cut state debt and invest a billion dollars in roads and bridges because we are bringing in more money. That’s what I’ll continue to do as governor: invest in priorities while keeping the lid on wasteful spending and stopping the tax hikes that lobbyists and liberals push.

2nd Amendment

If, God forbid, President Trump is replaced by one of the radical liberals running in 2020, the people of Mississippi will not take kindly to their proposed efforts to confiscate our guns. They are already talking about declaring a national emergency to round them up. These are our rights as Americans, and we will protect them. I believe in your right to protect your family. I believe in your right to defend your home. I will not compromise or back down on this critical issue. We passed a law that says: if the federal government declares a state of emergency they cannot and will not seize our Mississippi guns. As Governor, I will uphold that promise no matter what.


I am 100% pro-life, and I believe it is our responsibility to defend the innocent unborn. Today, there are liberals across the country advocating for abortion up-to and even after the moment of birth. It is the greatest evil of our time, and it’s not good enough to say that it is not your job to protect those babies. We need to be proactive. That is why we passed the “heartbeat bill” which says that when a baby has a heartbeat, it cannot be killed. As governor, I’ll continue to stand up for the unborn and protect them.


We’ve passed the Blue Lives Matter act—harsher penalties for cop killers. We’ve pushed for pay raises for troopers and criminal justice reform to make it less likely that a person leaving prison will commit another crime. We’ve outlawed sanctuary cities, and I will stand with President Trump to ring the alarm about the emergency on our border. Drug cartels and illegal immigration threaten our whole country, and we need leaders who will stand strong on this issue. The safety of Americans must come first.

Health Care

We can do more to help Mississippians get the quality health care that they deserve, and that starts with protecting the financial integrity of our Medicaid system and ensuring that it is fiscally sound. We’ve pushed innovative solutions like “health care zones” to improve coverage across the state. I am also the only candidate in this race who opposes expanding Obamacare and recognizes the disastrous effects it would have on our system long-term. Across the country, liberals are taking a “spend now, solve later” approach to health care: between the socialism that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are pushing to the Obamacare expansion being pushed here in Mississippi. I don’t believe in sound-bite solutions like “Medicaid-for-All”, “Single Payer Health Care”, or “Obamacare expansion”—I believe in real, free-market innovations that will make a difference in the long-run.