Stand Against the “Green New Deal”

Washington liberals are endorsing a radical plan they call the “Green New Deal,” which includes wild proposals ranging from funds for those who are “unwilling to work,” to eliminating airplane travel and of course, higher taxes. This is insanity and a waste of our money. Sign the petition if you agree.

Sign the MAGA Pact

We have had enough of liberal elites calling conservatives “deplorable” and “backwards” for supporting our President’s agenda. There’s nothing deplorable about a strong economy, lower taxes, and pro-life values. If you agree, sign my MAGA Pact to show Washington liberals that Mississippi stands behind President Trump.

Tell Washington Liberals: Stop Playing Politics With Our Safety

After shutting down the government for weeks and putting our border safety at risk, Democrats have announced that they want to give President Trump less than 1/4 of the border wall funding he asked for. D.C. Liberals are playing politics with our border security. Sign the petition to tell them to fund President Trump’s Wall.

Stand With Israel; Sign the Petition

These recent attacks on Israel by members of the U.S. Congress are shameful. Israel and America share a bond: our countries worship, trade, and fight terrorists together. Sign the petition to tell these liberal politicians that Mississippi stands with Israel.

Support Our Police, Stand Against Crime

The safety of Americans must come first, and our police must be protected. We passed the Blue Lives Matter act—harsher penalties for cop killers. We outlawed sanctuary cities. Drug cartels and illegal immigration threaten our whole country, and we need leaders who will stand strong on this issue. Sign your name if you agree.

Support Our Students – Sign the Petition

We’ve made great strides in education here in MS, but there is more work to be done. We need to fix the broken bureaucracy that is holding kids back. We need to put power back in the hands of families and teachers, not unions. We need to protect our students. Sign the petition if you agree.

Protect the Unborn: Support Heartbeat Bills

I am 100% pro-life, and I believe it is our responsibility to defend the innocent unborn. But there are liberals across the country advocating for abortion up to and even after the moment of birth. It is our job to fight back and protect these babies, and it starts with our heartbeat bill. Sign the petition if you agree.

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