Join the Pro-Life Coalition

Join the Tate Reeves Pro-life Coalition

Our nation is at a crossroads. Across the country, there are people pushing more radical views on abortion than ever before. Abortion up to the moment of birth. Even infanticide. Liberals like left-wing New York Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are pushing every abortion law to the radical edge. It is the greatest evil of our time.

There’s good news. We are fighting back. We’re making progress. Pro-life judges have been confirmed to the Supreme Court. In Mississippi, we passed a law which says that after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected it cannot be killed. Liberals have sued you and me and the entire state of Mississippi and they’re trying to stop it. We have to keep fighting.

It’s up to us to protect the innocent unborn. We need to take a stand. I’m counting on you to stand with us as part of the official Tate Reeves pro-life coalition. Are you willing to join in?

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